Denim Cloth Garment in Nerul

Denim Cloth Garment in Nerul up the majority of denim yarn. To allow the final woven product to stretch, some denim yarns may contain an elastic component such as spandex for up to 3% of the content. Even a modest amount of spandex can stretch to around 15% of its original length.

Denim Cloth Garment in Nerul are created from warp-face cotton fabrics stained with indigo colours on the warp strands. These items have been washed to give them a worn appearance. The abrasive action of pumice stones fades the blue denim in the traditional stonewashing method.

Denim is normally all-cotton and is yarn-dyed and mill-finished, though a cotton-synthetic fibre blend is used in large quantities. Denim's resilience has been shown during decades of use in the apparel business, particularly in the production of overalls and heavy-duty pants.

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